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Best of Kakookies Product Photography


For the past year, I’ve been working with Kakookies to photograph their cookies in new places each month. Kakookies are healthy cookies made with superfood ingredients including chia seeds, flaxseed meal, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, whole grain oats, coconut oil, dried fruits, and vanilla extract. The people behind this company are the best, and it […]

Chris + Sophia | Delaware Beach Couples Session


The Walking Dunes Trail at Cape Henlopen State Park is one of my favorite locations for sessions in Delaware! The trail is secluded from the rest of the park, and the sand dunes are so much fun to play in. This trail was the perfect spot for this session with Chris and Sophia!

Allison + Anthony | Couples Session at White Clay Creek State Park


White Clay Creek State Park was the perfect spot for this session with Anthony and Allison! The park features dense green forests and the winding creek. For this session, we hiked to a beautiful, secluded spot on the banks of the creek. We had a blast splashing in the creek with Allison and Anthony’s adorable […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to an Engagement Session


I’m often asked if I recommend doing an engagement session, and my answer is always yes! I love engagement sessions, and believe they are important for 3 reasons: An engagement session allows you to become comfortable and confident in front of the camera, even if you’ve never had professional photos taken. The session is a […]

FashionMeme Lakeside Inspired Brand Shoot | Delaware Commercial Photographer


I always love working with brands, and FashionMeme is an awesome clothing brand in Dover, Delaware. Laura, the owner and designer, makes each individual piece by hand. Not only are the clothes incredibly stylish, but they are great quality and super comfy. I had so much fun working with Laura and these beautiful models for […]

Sarah + Eric | Adventure Hiking Session at Kilgore Falls, Maryland


From the first time I visited Kilgore Falls in Rocks State Park, I dreamed of doing a session there. Eric and Sarah came all the way from Philadelphia, and it was their first time visiting the park. They are both super adventurous, and Sarah founded a super cool organization called East Coast Creative Collective, which is […]

Andrea + Jonathan | Delaware Beach Anniversary Session


Andrea and Jonathan have been married for 12 years, and to celebrate, we did an anniversary session at the place where Jonathan originally proposed: Cape Henlopen State Park! As I was driving to meet them, I got a text from Andrea saying “we decided to go kayaking before the session, so can we just meet […]

Maria + Peter | Couples Session in Slovakia


While in Slovakia, I took a 2-day camping and hiking trip at a garden in Slovakia with about 15 other people from Slovakia and Czech Republic. We sat around the campfire, made langoš (fried dough), and hiked to the border of Czech Republic and Slovakia. On the last night, I was walking through this meadow […]

Theresa + Tim | Delaware Beach Engagement


Tim and Theresa have been together for 7 years! They are getting married in Lewes, so we decided to have their engagement session at Cape Henlopen State Park. Theresa is a history teacher, and Tim is a waterman, which means that he goes out and catches oysters, scallops, and more. These two both love the […]

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